16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (2023)

No one can dispute that french fries are the quintessential fast-food. They can, and do, however, argue about who has the best fries in the biz. From McDonald's perfectly thin fries to the iconic crinkle cuts from Nathan's, all the way to the wild crunchy curly fries from Arby's, everyone has their favorite. While it's impossible to declare a winner, we are taking a look at the most iconic fries and giving you all the stats so you can choose wisely.

The thing about fries is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes. They can be prepared with special potatoes, or be cooked in different types of oil, or showered with a plethora of different seasonings. Each of these choices results in a different final product. These differences are what make a fry unique and everyone likes something different. If you're a curly fry fan, you'll never be satisfied by the crinkle-cut version and vice versa.

Plus, the big debate is always about which is better: fresh or frozen. While you might think that fresh-cut fries are always preferred you'd be wrong. In-N-Out's fresh-cut fries are often bashed for being limp or flavorless, while others swear by them.

In the end, what we love about fast-food fries is that no choice is the wrong choice, but there are some that we come back to over and over again. Here are the best fast-food fries of all time.

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Arby's Crinkle Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (1)

Crinkle fries have a lot of competition as you'll see, so what separates the good from the best is the crunch. Arby's uses what they call "accordion-style grooves" to achieve this audible crackle when you bite into them. Arby's must have had real faith in these fries to put them up against the roast beef sandwich joints' iconic curly fries. Considering most chains only do one type of fry, the fact that the crinkle-cut version is still around is a testament to their quality.

In fact, these fries were created in 2021 to appeal to the more traditional fry fan, according to the story of their genesis. This innovative crinkle-cut fry was designed to have "sharper peaks and deeper valleys" to give it a crispier texture. If you typically get the curly fries at Arby's you need to try these as they could be the crispiest fries you'll ever taste.

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Portillo's Fries

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16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (3)

You may not have Portillo's on your radar if you don't live in the Midwest, but you should because you could see one coming your way soon. This hot dog shop makes killer Chicago dogs, the ones with a pickle spear inside a poppy seed bun, and also incredible fries. Portillo's makes its crinkle-cut fries the way McDonald's used to: fried in a blend of vegetable oil and beef tallow,so they have a hearty, beefy quality to them.

Portillo's started as a hot dog stand in 1963 and has grown to over 70 locations. The chain is known for its hot dogs but it also serves beef sandwiches, burgers, ribs, pasta, and more. Plus, it's catching on wherever it grows. When one of its recent locations opened in a suburb of Dallas the chain had customers waiting in line on opening day, despite the lack of press. The chain reported $20,000 in the first four hours of sales, "I've never experienced that in a restaurant. It's insane," CEO Michael Osanloo to investors, according to Restaurant Business.


BurgerFi's Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (4)

BurgerFi prepares everything fresh in-house at its 120+ locations, and that includes the perfect french fries. This chain often appears in our best burger roundups because of its high-quality Angus beef burgers and use of all-natural, fresh, and responsibly sourced ingredients. It treats its fries with care, too.

French fries can be made by just tossing them in a fryer, but that doesn't result in the craveable fries that will get people talking. BurgerFi's hand-cut fries are prepared using a three-step process that starts with blanching and ends with two dips in the fryer. While this chain might not be near you now, keep an eye on its opening locations and be sure to be the first in line if it comes your way.


Nathan's Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (5)

While Nathan's actual locations have diminished in recent years, you cannot have a fry roundup without this iconic item. Fans of these fries will remember eating them out of the little paper cones with those two-pronged forks at the original Coney Island location and on other boardwalks where the fries were sold out of carts.

Nathan's fries are made from a special low-starch potato called the Katahdin, which helps the thick, crinkle-cut fries maintain their crunchy outside and soft, steaming interior. How important is this variety? In 2012, when the chain had to change to Russets, due to the Katadin crop maturing too early, people noticed! For many people, when they think of crinkle-cut fries, they think of Nathan's.


Wingstop's Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (6)

Come to Wingstop for the wings and stay for the killer fries. The chain eschews frozen fries for fresh-cut, fries them, and then showers them in the chain's signature seasoning that is salty with a hint of sweetness.

While using fresh-cut potatoes cooked in fresh oil helps, the seasoning is what has spawned dozens of copycat recipes. Most think that it's a combination of brown sugar and some sort of Cajun-inspired seasoning that give the fries that special something. Plus, it doesn't hurt that you can get them drenched in jalapeño cheese sauce, any of the wing sauces, or with a side of the chain's famous ranch.

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Culver's Crinkle Cut Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (7)

Culver's, famous for its delicious ButterBurger, prides itself on freshness, and that extends to its crinkle-cut french fries. You will never get 10-minute-old fries from this chain and you don't have to use the "no salt" trick to encourage the team to fry you a fresh batch.

According to Culver's site, every single order of fries is cooked when you order them. Plus, they are made from specific potatoes sourced in the Pacific Northwest. It's always a good sign when the chain cares about the source of its potatoes. Bonus: You can get them with Culver's famous cheese sauce.


Popeyes' Cajun Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (8)

Popeyes, the undisputed king of the chicken sandwich, is another chain that cooks its fries the way McDonald's used to, in oil that includes beef tallow. Plus, it adds its famous Cajun seasoning to them. These lightly seasoned fries are the perfect complement to the chain's crunchy, chicken items.


In-N-Out's Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (9)

While not everyone loves the fries as much as the burgers at In-N-Out, the chain treats them like they should be treated in terms of cutting them fresh. The chain is reported to use the Kennebec potato which should help the final product be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They don't however fry them twice or blanch them before cooking, which can result in fries that quickly turn limp if they aren't consumed immediately. The potatoes are sliced for all to see and then tossed straight into the fryer, which is part of the In-N-Out show.

While you either love or loathe the fries at this iconic joint, fans swear by them but insist you need to know how to get them cooked properly. The trick for ordering the best In-n-Out fries is to ask for them "well done" or "light well," according to LAist.


Five Guys' Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (10)

Five Guys' fries are perhaps best known for the generous, mountain-like portions. The small size legendarily includes a generous handful thrown on top. Five Guys also takes everything it makes on its small menu very seriously, including the spuds. It sources the best potatoes, switching up the type depending on the time of year for the best product. Did we mention they also peel, cut, soak, and fry them fresh every day? Plus, the chain uses peanut oil which is lauded for its neutrality and high smoke point, resulting in a fry that browns evenly and does not burn.

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Taco Bell's Nacho Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (11)

If you love Taco Bell's Nacho Fries, you're in luck—they just returned to menus, though the chain has not yet made them a permanent item as it has hinted it may. The lightly seasoned fries have been a fan-favorite since they first appeared in 2018. In fact, they quickly became the best-selling new menu item of all time, dethroning the Doritos Locos Taco and earning regular repeat returns to the menu.

Taco Bell pops the fries on and off the menu seasonally and sometimes offers fun variations like the recent Yellowbird Nacho Fries, which are like nachos made with fries covered with Spicy Habanero Ranch sauce, grilled marinated steak, cheddar cheese, warm nacho cheese sauce, and sour cream.


Wendy's Natural-Cut Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (12)

In 2021, Wendy's did something either completely crazy or genius and released brand new fries designed to be hot and crispy for 15 to 30 minutes after purchase. One side of the fry is thicker to help with heat retention and the other is thinner to achieve crispiness. They also were reported to have a "whisper" of coating. While some say they preferred the old version of Wendy's fries, plenty think the new product is a big improvement.

After the initial pushback, people seem to have come around to these fries because Wendy's sales keep increasing and despite groans about menu prices, the chain is seeing huge success (it now tops Burger King in sales). Plus, these fries are perfect dipped in a creamy Frosty, which is, of course, the real test.


Checkers'/Rally's Famous Seasoned Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (13)

Checkers and Rally's, the same chain depending on where you are in the country, have truly unique fries coated in a famous seasoning and crunchy like no other fast-food fry. These iconic fries were so sought after that in 2005 Walmart started selling them in the freezer section, and they have since expanded to other retailers.

The Checkers fries are about the same size and shape as McDonald's fries but with a super-thin burnt orange coating with a hint of black pepper. Fans suggest getting a side of barbecue sauce for dipping.


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Burger King's French Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (14)

Burger King didn't become one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in America by having soggy fries. The Burger King fries are slightly larger than McDonald's but so very similar. They are crispy and tender on the inside. They pretty much taste like a thicker, more potatoey version of McDonald's fries. What could be bad about that?

While Burger King has some seriously good fries, it is also debuting other things that are fry-like and for that has earned a place at the top of the list. A case in point is the chain's Chicken Fries, which have been a part of the menu since 2005, and have had several flavorful iterations including the current Spicy Chicken Fries. Plus, they have been testing Churro Fries and Mozzarella Fries, just to keep every other chain on its toes.


Chick-fil-A's Waffle Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (15)

Chick-fil-A fries are super unique thanks to their signature waffle cut. While waffle-cut fries are not everyone's thing, Chick-fil-A does them right. Due to the insane organization and attention to quality at always-crowded Chick-fil-A locations, the fries always come out hot, perfectly salted, and not at all greasy. The waffle cut goes across the whole tongue, increasing the surface area and filling your mouth with a fresh potato taste and unbeatable crunch. Plus, the waffle cut leaves on just a touch of skin for that extra earthiness.


Arby's Curly Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (16)

Curly fries are hard to get right, but Arby's has figured out the secret formula. Maybe the smartest thing that Arby's did was not copy the typical, thin-cut french fries that most fast-food chains offer. That crunchy coating—a magical mixture of onion powder, corn meal, garlic powder, baking soda, and other spices and flavors—swirls around in your mouth as you bite through the layers. Plus, like any great fast-food offering worth its salt these fries are now available in your freezer aisle.

Arby's is so confident about its fries that it added Crinkle Fries in 2021 to complement them. "We want people to enjoy the fry, depending on their mood," said V.P. of culinary innovation & brand executive chef Neville Craw (at the time). "Curly fries and roast beef, chicken offerings and the straight fry, those are match made in heaven. It's giving another option to people who might want to enjoy a different fry experience from time to time or those people who just really like a straight potato fry." We respect that. Here's to a fry for every occasion.


McDonald's World-Famous Fries

16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America (17)

If there was any dispute, let's settle it now. First of all the iPhone emoji for french fries is a hard-to-deny copy of McDonald's fries. Now, that alone does not make them the best fast-food fries in the world, only the most readily identifiable. Several other things make them the most iconic fast-food fries.

For one, they are made from the best potatoes, including the Russet Burbank, Russet Ranger, Umatilla Russet, and the Shepody. This means that the company uses seasonal spuds for the perfect texture and taste all year. This attention to detail and consistency make this a reliable fry that always has a slight crunch and still maintains a soft, potatoey center.

But choosing in-season potatoes isn't the only thing that makes these the best. McDonald's fries are also said to have that je ne sais quoi, which used to be attributed to the use of beef tallow in the cooking oil. Due to backlash from the vegetarians and to project a healthier image, McDonald's made the switch to vegetable oil. While many railed against the company for changing its recipe in 1990, Mickey D's maintained the flavor by using beef flavor extract, which just made news again after it was rediscovered in a recent TikTok video.

Regardless of how McDonald's achieves the iconic flavor, most people call these fries the best of all time. As one commenter on our Facebook page said, speaking for many, "McDonald's will always be the OG…Everyone else is in a race for 2nd place." P.S. The best way to eat McDonald's fries is a few at a time for maximum crunch.

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16 Best Fast-Food Fries In America? ›

The honor of the best overall french fry goes to Wendy's. These fries were made with unpeeled potatoes, so there was a little bit of potato skin at the end of each fry for texture. The fries were crisped to perfection and perfectly salted.

Who has the number 1 french fries in the world? ›

The honor of the best overall french fry goes to Wendy's. These fries were made with unpeeled potatoes, so there was a little bit of potato skin at the end of each fry for texture. The fries were crisped to perfection and perfectly salted.

Who sells the most French fries in the US? ›

McDonald's french fries seem to be the gold standard.

What is the most unhealthy fast food fries? ›

14 Worst Fast-Food French Fries—Ranked!
  • chick-fil-a waffle fries.
  • arbys curly fries.
  • French fries.
  • popeyes cajun fries.
  • checkers fully loaded fries.
  • chili cheese tater tots from sonic.
  • five guys large fries.
  • Bacon-Ranch-Chili-Cheese-Fries.
Feb 2, 2023

Why are Burger King fries so good? ›

Burger King employs a different strategy: a classically uniform and crisp food fry, but made thick, like a hand-cut restaurant fry. Burger King's fries are made from real potatoes, but they utilize potato starch, rice flour, and a few other choice ingredients to boost the crunch factor and seasoning.

Which fries are most popular? ›

The most popular type of french fries in the U.S. are Waffle Fries and Cheese Fries, with each being the favorite of 12 states respectively. The average American consumes a whopping 30 pounds of french fries per year. In total, Americans consume an estimated 4.5 billion pounds of french fries per year.

Is #1 or #2 potato better for fries? ›

Given similar pricing, which really varies from one crop to another, it may be very advantageous to use No. 1 potatoes for your fries. No. 1 potatoes have less defects and are more even shaped in general, so are easier for the kitchen to get use out of the whole potato.

What is the highest price fries? ›

At the Serendipity Restaurant in New York, the cost of a plate of French fries is $200 roughly Rs 15,800. This is the world's most expensive French fries recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Which fries are the healthiest? ›

The Bottom Line

Sweet potato fries are slightly higher in calories and carbs than French fries but also high in vitamin A — giving them a nutritional edge. Still, deep-fried fries of any kind served in over-sized portions — as in many restaurants — may increase your risk of weight gain and related health problems.

Is fries worse than rice? ›

What was most unexpected about the results, is that even french fries cooked in oil came out higher in the carbohydrate health hierarchy than pasta and rice. Mashed potatoes were the real winner, with children consuming 30-40 per cent fewer calories at meals.

Which is worse chips or fries? ›

Acrylamide is a chemical created in certain foods that are cooked at high temperatures. Because chips are sliced so thin and fried so hot, they're even heavier in acrylamide than French fries (which, sadly, 7 out of 9 experts warn against).

Who has the unhealthiest fast-food? ›

And the unhealthiest fast-food chain is . . .

According to Goodson, it's Burger King. After looking at the burger slinger's current menu, Goodson pointed out that Burger King has higher overall calorie counts than even their closest competitor McDonald's.

Which fries are better Wendy's or McDonald's? ›

I'll keep this one short: Wendy's fries are better than expected. They're thicker and crispier than McDonald's fries, that's for sure. They also taste of their starchy coating, which makes them craggy and crispy in a way that's reminiscent of a good frozen french fry from the grocery store.

Why do McDonald's fries not taste as good? ›

As health concerns over saturated fat grew in the 1990s, McDonald's finally made the switch to vegetable oil. Unfortunately, customers noticed that the fries didn't taste how they used to. To mimic the chain's original oil blend, the oil is laced with natural flavoring to replicate that mouthwatering smell.

Which fast food has healthiest fries? ›

Where To Find The 'Healthiest' Fast Food Fries
  • Chick-Fil-A Waffle Potato Fries. ...
  • Wendy's Natural-Cut Fries. ...
  • Jack In The Box French Fries. ...
  • KFC Seasoned Potato Wedges. ...
  • Sonic Natural Cut Fries. ...
  • Arby's Curly Fries (*Snack Size) ...
  • Burger King French Fries (*Value Size) ...
  • McDonald's World Famous Fries.
Aug 15, 2014

What country eats the most fries? ›

Interesting French Fries Facts

High-starch potatoes are ideal for French fries, but young potatoes, red-skinned potatoes, and fingerling potatoes should be avoided. Here are some suggestions for selecting the best potato: Belgium consumes the most French fries of any European country.

What brand of fries does McDonald's use? ›

McCain Foods make McDonald's French fries to our gold standard specifications, which means that they are not quite the same McCain fries you find in the freezer section of your grocery store. Our cooking process is also different from how you might cook fries at home.

What country has the best fries in the world? ›

Like the Netherlands, Belgium also claims to make the best French fries in the world. And after our recent visit there, I'm inclined to think they're right. Even if they didn't actually invent the French fry, Belgians probably do make the world's best. Incidentally, fries have two names in this country too.

Is it cheaper to buy fries or make them? ›

There is a savings of $1.20 – 2.26/lb. in mak- ing fries from scratch using whole potatoes. Of course, you also have to wash the potatoes and slice them, but if you do not peel them, you keep nutrients and flavor. Only a small amount of ad- ditional time is needed to make fries from scratch.

What is the secret to good fries? ›

A properly made fry must hit the oil twice--once at a lower temperature, and then again at 350 degrees Fahrenheit--to get the perfect creamy interior and crunchy exterior. Before all that, though, the secret is to briefly poach them in boiling water (or "blanch" them) before they go into the hot oil.

How many fries is too many fries? ›

Eating them once a week or less would likely have a negligible effect on your health. Portion size matters. This study didn't provide details of how many fries study subjects ate at one sitting, but an "official" serving is just 10 to 15 individual fries (130–150 calories).

How much were fries in the 70s? ›

Prices at a 1970s McDonalds: French Fries - $0.26 Big Mac - $0.65 Coke - $0.15 With the inflation we're experiencing now, what will the prices be in 2030? Not only were they "cheaper" than today, they were much larger and better made too.

Who produces the most fries? ›

Belgium is the world's No. 1 exporter of frozen fries.

Are McDonald's fries 100 percent potato? ›

Yes, McDonald's fries are made from real potatoes. The fast-food giant uses what they call "premium potatoes" to make their fries. The potatoes consist of different varieties, like Russet Burbank, Russet Ranger, Umatilla Russet, and Shepody.

Are fries healthier than burgers? ›

A regular hamburger from McDonald's, for example, has 250 calories, 8 grams of fat and 13 grams of protein. A small order of French fries has 230 calories, 11 grams of fat but only 3 grams of protein.

What to eat when craving fries? ›

If you have an intense potato craving but don't want to indulge in french fries, the baked potato is a great substitution. Baked potatoes offer more nutritional value than fries because they still have skin. Potato skins are the most nutrient-dense part of a baked potato.

Are French fries junk? ›

In spite of their popularity, these deep-fried potatoes are very unhealthy. Studies have linked deep-fried foods to inflammation, heart disease and impaired artery function, among other health problems ( 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 ). What's more, fries are extremely high in calories and fast-digesting carbs.

Why do Five Guys give you so many fries? ›

This is great news for chip lovers and there is a calculated reason behind the generous potion sizes. According to Mashed, Five Guys always give customers an extra scoop so that they feel like they are getting real value for money even though it is already factored into the price.

Which is healthier fries or tater tots? ›

Fries vs Tater Tots

A serving of tater tots (86 grams) has 160 calories and 8 grams of fat, but packs a whopping 420 milligrams of sodium. While fries do have more calories and fat than tater tots, the extraordinary increase in sodium in tots makes fries the healthier choice — barely.

Is there a healthy French fries? ›

High-Fibre. Many individuals prefer sweet potato fries to white potato fries because they are more nutritious. In addition, sweet potato fries include more fibre than white potato fries, which helps lower blood pressure and protect the heart from cardiovascular disease.

What's healthier pizza or pasta? ›

When it comes to health, you can choose either, but the type of pizza or pasta you compare will determine which is healthier. A tomato-based pasta is preferable to pizza or cream-based pasta. Thin crust, veggie-loaded pizzas contain less flour and more vegetables, making them an excellent choice.

Are fries worse than mac and cheese? ›

Mac and Cheese

But this dairy-laden pasta is just as bad as French fries when you look at the numbers. The average side order at chain restaurants has 436 calories, 24 grams of fat, 12 grams of saturated fat and 1,082 milligrams of sodium.

Is baked potato better than fries? ›

Oil and Fat Content

It does have no oil in the cooking process–potato slices are baked. Compared with fatty deep fry, bake is the more healthy way to cook food.

Is a burger worse than fries? ›

A medium portion of fries has more calories at 337 and only 3.3g of protein. When it comes to carbs, the burger has 31g while the fries have a whopping 42g. The chips do have a little more saturated fat at 3g compared with 1.5g for the burger.

Is pizza or fries healthier? ›

Fried food (which is typically processed) can be unhealthy for the human body. Fried food can lead to problems such as weight gain, increased blood pressure, developing diabetes, and increasing your risk for heart disease. Pizza, on the other hand, can protect your heart because of the nutrients that it provides.

What is worse for you fries or burgers? ›

To contextualise, a McDonald's hamburger packs 250kcal and 13g of muscle-building protein, while a medium portion of fries comes in at 337kcal, 3.3g of protein and 42g of carbohydrates, a macronutrient often linked to weight-gain. Looking for a good reason to go big on your next cheat day?

What is the most eaten fast food in America? ›

Most popular fast food companies

McDonald's is by far the most popular fast food chain in the United States. It has about 13,500 locations in the U.S., 40,000 worldwide, and it operates in 118 countries. McDonald's serves 69 million people every day, more than the population of Thailand and the United Kingdom.

What is the most hated fast food restaurant in the US? ›

The results, posted by CBS affiliate KUTV, found that there was one fast food chain in particular that drew the most backlash from customers: Burger King. In fact, the burger chain, which has more than 7,200 locations in the U.S., was found to be the most hated fast food chain in 15 separate states.

Are frozen fries better than fresh fries? ›

A: You asked a very good question. The short answer is that the frozen fries will use less oil in your operation than the fresh fries.

Which potato fries better? ›

The Best Potatoes

High starch potatoes like Idaho potatoes (also called Russet potatoes) are best for French fries. This variety is denser and they have the least amount of moisture in them.

Why are Wendy's fries different? ›

What makes Wendy's Hot & Crispy Fries different? So here's the deal: Wendy's recently switched up how these fries are cut, with one side built for heat retention and the other for crispiness. The chain even introduced a new battering system, with new fry baskets that Wendy's claims help maintain crispiness.

Are McDonald's fries made of real potatoes? ›

Yep. The most common potatoes we use for McDonald's fries include the Russet Burbank, Russet Ranger, Umatilla Russet and the Shepody—varieties known for producing a flavorful fry that's crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Does McDonald's soak their fries? ›

They're then briefly immersed in hot water to remove excess natural sugars for color reasons. According to McDonald's, blanching also eliminates enzymatic activity which prevents spoilage and develops a fluffy interior, similar to a baked potato, for better texture.

Why is McDonald's Coke so good? ›

Typically, restaurants get their soda syrups in plastic bags, but Coca-Cola does something different for McDonald's. The fast-food chain gets its Coke syrup delivered in stainless steel tanks. According to the New York Times, the material keeps the soda fresher, and your tongue can taste the difference.

Which is the unhealthiest order of fries? ›

Unhealthiest Fries: Jack in the Box

A medium order (144 grams) of Jack in the Box fries includes 450 calories, 21 grams of fat, and 61 grams of carbs. They also pack 820 milligrams of sodium, more than three times the “healthy” option from In-N-Out. While fries might not be the most healthy, they sure are delicious!

What fries does Chick-fil-A use? ›

The Waffle Fries are made from potatoes grown by a family-owned business in Washington State, along the Columbia River Basin. The Johnson family has grown potatoes since 1906, which are served across the country in Chick-fil-A restaurants as waffle fries and hash browns.

Who eats the most French fries in the world? ›

According to The Wall Street Journal and experts, Belgians consume more French fries than Americans, and French fries are the national cuisine of Belgium.

Who are the top producers of French fries? ›

Belgium is the world's No. 1 exporter of frozen fries. 90% of its production is freighted to over 100 countries worldwide.

Who produces the most French fries? ›

Netherlands, Belgium largest french fries producers.

What is the highest price French fries? ›

The most expensive French fries in the world cost $200
  • Address : 225 E 60th St.
  • City : New York.
  • Country : United States.
  • Nearest airport : Newark Liberty International Airport.
Nov 21, 2022

What does 🍟 mean? ›

It is commonly used to represent French fries, fast food, or specifically the fast food chain McDonald's.

Is French fries a junk food or not? ›

Because of their starch content, french fries are a high-glycemic food, posing a cardiovascular and metabolic health risk. However, they are high in fibre, water, and nutrients, which are beneficial. Therefore, limiting them and viewing them as an unhealthy once-in-a-while treat rather than a staple may be wise.

Are McDonald's fries 100% potato? ›

Yes, McDonald's fries are made from real potatoes. The fast-food giant uses what they call "premium potatoes" to make their fries. The potatoes consist of different varieties, like Russet Burbank, Russet Ranger, Umatilla Russet, and Shepody.

Who invented French fries? ›

Despite the common name of this dish (and the fact that France has given the world many famous foods, from the baguette to the soufflé), the French fry is unequivocally Belgian, at least according to Albert Verdeyen, chef and co-author of Carrément Frites, which charts the history of the fry.

Which country has the best fries? ›

Like the Netherlands, Belgium also claims to make the best French fries in the world. And after our recent visit there, I'm inclined to think they're right. Even if they didn't actually invent the French fry, Belgians probably do make the world's best. Incidentally, fries have two names in this country too.

Which country loves fries? ›

They called the fries given to them by Belgian locals "french fries," and the name stuck for many Americans. While France and Belgium still quarrel over who the founder of fries really is, Belgium seems to be the one that can truly lay claim to the dish. (The country even sought heritage status for its frites in 2018.)

What do they call chips in England? ›

If you want a bag of what Americans call 'chips' in the UK, just ask for crisps.

Who produces the most potatoes? ›

China and India are the main producers of potatoes, with the United States ranked fourth among the leading potato producers worldwide. In the United States, Idaho topped the ranking of leading potato producing states, with an annual production amount of about 121 million cwt of potatoes in 2022.

How much did French fries cost in 1950s? ›

Ray Kroc opened a McDonald's in Illinois in 1955. The price for fries and soda were each ten cents, while a burger cost 15 cents. A Classic Meal Deal today is $6. Don't miss how your favorite fast-food restaurants got their names.

What's the most expensive pizza in the world? ›

A pizza dubbed Pizza Louis XIII and created by master pizza chef Renato Viola is currently the most expensive pizza in the world. For $12,000, Viola will personally come to your home, along with a chef and a sommelier, to prepare his pizza.


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6. Who Has The Best French Fries Sauce? (Taste Test)
(Good Mythical Morning)


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