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Can horses eat Oreos?

  • Horses cannot eat Oreos for three main reasons. The first reason is that Oreos contain sugar, which horses cannot eat a lot of. The second reason that horses cannot eat Oreos is that the cookie part of the Oreo includes chocolate. Horses are like dogs; they should not consume chocolate in any amount, even a small one.

How do you feed Oreo in horse Valley Roblox?


  1. Find the bowl in the empty room across from the wash stalls.
  2. Take the bowl and fill it up with the milk in the carton outside of George’s Barn.
  3. Take the filled bowl back and click on Oreo with it in-hand to feed him.

How do u feed your horse in horse Valley Roblox?

To feed your horse, simply equip the item in your inventory and click anywhere on your screen near your horse.

Where is Beth in horse Valley?

Beth can be found outside of the small blue and white clinic.

How do I make my horse faster in horse Valley?

When you level up from barrel races your horse speed will become faster. When training for discipline, you need to go to the circle shaped arena located behind the arena with the barrel racing, and collect each star.

What is the fastest horse in horse Valley?

It’s the fastest in the game, only requiring 450 XP at the final level. The Arabian horse was one of the first three breeds that were available when Horse Valley 2 was first released. The Arabian costs the same amount as the Clydesdale and Andalusian, being 38,400 coins.

What is the max level in horse Valley?

Alike all horse stats, the maximum level is 20 (previously 40).

What is the best horse in horse Valley Roblox?

Trivia. It’s the easiest horse to train in Strength, costing only 478 XP at the final level. The Clydesdale is currently the largest breed in Horse Valley. The Clydesdale costs the same amount as the Arabian and Andalusian, being 38,400 coins.

Can you breed spirit in horse Valley?

Nope. I honestly wish I never got the horse because he can’t breed, can’t be sold, and just sits there and looks pretty. Event horses are unable to be bred.

What is breeding in horse Valley?

Description. Breeding is the one and only way to obtain hybrids and foals in Horse Valley 2.

How do you get diamonds in horse Valley 2?

Unlike coins, diamonds are considerably more difficult to earn. The only ways that a player can earn diamonds is by earning them through the login bonus or buying them with Robux. Diamonds can be spent on accessories for horses. You can also spend diamonds to create a riding club, by speaking to the Mayor.

How do you milk a cow in horse Valley?

You must hold your milk bowl out to get milk from the cow. Once your bowl is filled, return to Mrs. Norris, make sure your bowl is away, and talk to her. Click “Yes”, and your quest is now complete!

How do you get apples in horse Valley?

The cliffs can easily be jumped across with the player character. You must collect the green apple lying at the bottom of the apple tree. Once you talk to Abigail, her dialogue is;

  1. Oh hi!
  2. He’s a fussy eater, but he did at least take a bite out of my red apple before spitting it out!
  3. Maybe it was the wrong color?


  • I’ll get this organized later
  • For the time being, it’s a complete mess – Magma

Tasks are an in-game feature that allows you to earn coins by completing them. As of right now, there are 16 or more players in the game.

Getting Started

“If you want to be a horse rider, you must first get a horse. It’s possible that the local teacher can assist you.” It is necessary for you to identify and speak with Rachel in order to finish this mission. Once you have done so, she will tell you how the Mayor of the town informed her that you were seeking for a horse to ride. She will also reveal that they provide a free horse to each and every new inhabitant of Horse Valley as a welcome present. You will receive 100 coins for successfully completing the challenge.

Saddle Up

“Come to the stable, where your new buddy will be waiting for you.” You will be taken to your allocated stable, where a Morgan horse of the Morganvariety will be ready for you to ride him. To attach it and complete the job, press E on your keyboard. You will receive 100 coins for completing the task.

Fast and Furious

Training in the barrel racing ring can help you enhance the speed with which your horse moves. ” When you arrive at the barrel racing arena, you’ll be sent there, where you’ll need to enter and collect three stars in order to raise the level of your horse. You will receive 100 coins for completing the task.

(Video) Harford County-based equine therapy used for drug, alcohol rehabilitation

Twist and Turn

In the pole bending arena, work on your horse’s ability to shift direction quickly and efficiently. To complete this mission, which is quite similar to the previous one, you must travel to the poles and gather three stars in order to raise your horse’s agility to level 2. You will receive 200 coins for completing the task.

High and Low

“Horse jumping training in a jumping arena will help you enhance the height and distance your horse leaps.” To bring your horse’s level of strength up to level 2, head over to the jumping arena. You will receive 100 coins for completing the task.

Round and Round

“Train your horse in round pens to increase the speed with which your horse changes gaits,” says the trainer. On the map, there are three spherical pens to choose from. In order to complete this mission, you’ll need to enter one of the buildings and gather two stars. You will receive 100 coins for completing the course.

Thirsts Things First

“Your horse is thirsty, and you must quench his thirst. To fill your bucket, go to a water source and fill it up with water.” This assignment will only be activated if your horse’s thirst level is low. Go back to the stables where you spawned and get your items. There is a water well on one side of the stables, and you can get your bucket out of the well by pressing the inventory button at the bottom of your screen. Fill the well by clicking on it with the bucket in your hand, then click on your horse to offer them water.

Eat Like a Horse

“Your horse is in need of food. Find some hay in the surrounding area or stop by Charlie’s Store for some food.” This assignment is only activated when your horse’s hunger level has dropped to a critical level.

A mound of hay may be found on the inside of the stable. It may be equipped from your inventory by pressing the E key on it. To feed your horse, get near to it and click on the hay symbol at the bottom of your screen to activate it. Upon completion of this mission, you will receive 100 coins.

Chop Chop

“You’ve got an axe in your possession! It can be used on the adjacent trees.” This assignment is only activated once you have successfully chopped down a tree. Remove the axe from your inventory and cut down as many trees as you can till you have 6 wood. You will receive 350 coins as a reward for your efforts.

Knock on Wood

“The axe is in your possession! Utilize it in the vicinity of the surrounding trees.” It is only after you have chopped down a tree that this assignment is launched. Remove the axe from your inventory and cut down as many trees as you can until you get six pieces of wood. The 350 coins you get will be yours as a thank you.

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The Wooden Throne

“Amber, the town’s carpenter, lives in the suburbs to the south. She will make items for your ranch in return for resources and monies that you provide.” Make your way over to Amber’s cabin and speak with her. She’ll introduce herself and then offer up a menu for you to choose from. You may make anything you want in this room, from flooring to fences. Click on the wooden chair, which will cost you 12 regular wood to create, and that’s what you’ll want to accomplish. Upon completion, you will receive 500 coins.

A Clean Slate

“Your horse has a foul odor. Look around in the washroom for the right tools for the job.” This duty is only triggered if your horse’s hygiene is in poor condition. Go to the stables and wash your horse in the washing stall. Make use of any of the cleaning items that are mounted on the stall walls to thoroughly clean your horse and restore it to peak hygiene. You will receive 100 coins for completing the task.

Green Thumb

“Edit your ranch and sow a field, then utilize a seed package to sow a crop on the field you just planted. Water your crop every day in-game until it is ready to be harvested.” This assignment will only be activated after you have arrived to your Ranch. To edit your ranch, press the E key on your mailbox and then click on Edit Ranch. Select “Farm” from the drop-down menu. You should have four fields in the garden area of the house. Placing one down will allow you to purchase as many potato seeds as you like from Charlie at Charlie’s Farm.

Reap What You Sow

“By leveling up, you may earn more cash from your crops.” Farm until you reach level 10 in order to fulfill this goal.

Milk Mystery

This quest will only be activated if you have petted Oreo. This quest is divided into several segments and is referred to as the “Milk Mystery.” The reward for finishing the mission is an increase in inventory space. WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD! If you wish to solve the Milk Mystery on your own, refrain from clicking.

How to Solve the Milk Mystery
Help Meow”The barn cat looks hungry. Find something for her to eat. She’s very picky though. 1. Find the bowl in the empty room across from the wash stalls.2. Take the bowl and fill it up with the milk in the carton outside of George’s Barn.3. Take the filled bowl back and click on Oreo with it in-hand to feed him.Soured Milk”Oh no! Oreo looks sick. Is it because of the milk? You must find help!” 1. Go and talk to the towns vet, Beth.Follow the Hoofsteps”Beth needs to know what Oreo has been poisoned with.” 1. Go to the Barn and talk to George.Cat Burglar”George’s cows are sick as well and his shed door is broke. If only we could find some clues as to what happened.” 1. Go to the side of George’s barn that has the Silo.2. Look around the outside of the shed for a pile of evidence.Cat Burglar”You found a vial containing a foul-smelling liquid. It must be the poison. Beth will be able to identify it. 1. Go back to Beth and talk to her.Get Down to Business”Beth needs the proper equipment to identify the liquid. The Supermart might have it.” 1. Head over to the Supermart next to the Town Hall.2. Talk to the worker, Benedict.Cat Got His Tongue”It sounded like they had the proper equipment at first. Benedict must be mistaken. After all, Supermart sells everything.” 1. Equip the Keycard from your inventory2. Use the card to open the room in the back of the store.3. Go down to the secret room and find the Formula papers on Benedicts desk.Behind Closed Doors”You didn’t find the proper equipment, but you did find a formula. That should be enough for Beth.” 1. Take the formula and go talk to Beth.Cliffhanger”Beth is missing one ingredient for the antidote. She said it grows in high altitude.” 1. Go and maneuver your way up to the top of the mountain that is connected to the Zipline.2. The yellow orchid will be located on the far right edge of the mountian. Go and grab it.Flower Power”You found the Yellow Orchid! Now hurry back and bring Beth the last ingredient.” 1. Return to Beth with the Yellow OrchidSure Cure”You have the antidote! Give it to Oreo and George’s cows.” 1. Find Oreo, and equip the antidote. Feed it to him.2. Go to the Barn and feed the antidote to one of George’s cows.Whistleblower”Congratulations! You solved the Milk Mystery. You should tell Sheriff about Benedict and his secret lab.” 1. Head over to the Town hall.2. Talk to the Sheriff, who sits outside the front.3. She will tell you that she cannot do anything. You will be rewarded with a bigger inventory.

Guide to Roblox Horse Valley Game for Parents & Kids

Horse Valley is a fun Roblox game in which you may train your horse, race with them, dress them up, and much more! In this game, children learn how to work hard by training their horse on a regular basis, as well as how to take responsibility for ensuring that their horse is not hungry, thirsty, stinky, or exhausted at all times.

Horses aren’t the only thing you can do in the game; you can also make furniture by collecting resources in order to decorate your home. If you believe that this sort of game might be enjoyable for you or your children, continue reading to learn more about Horse Valley.

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How does Horse Valley Start?

When you first begin playing Horse Valley, you are given a horse named Morgan to train and care for. In addition, you will receive a little house and four lots of dirt to use for planting seeds in the garden. If you put in the necessary effort when training your horse, you may see a difference in the horse’s pace and the quality of their turning (they will be able to turn quicker). However, you must remember to take good care of your horse or else they may become ill, and you will be unable to ride them until you have taken your horse to the veterinarian and had him cured.

What skills does your horse need to master to Level Up in Horse Valley?

To begin playing Horse Valley, you are given a horse named Morgan that you are responsible for training. Along with the garden, you’ll receive a little house and four loads of dirt to start your seedlings. It is possible that your horse’s speed and turning quality will improve if you put up enough effort in training him (they will be able to turn quicker). Remember to take good care of your horse, otherwise they may become ill, which will prevent you from riding them until you have taken your horse to the veterinarian and gotten him well again.

Discover what do i feed oreo in horse valley ‘s popular videos


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Obtain the TikTok Application TikTok may be downloaded by pointing your camera at the QR code. To get the TikTok app, text yourself a link to it.

The Factory That Oreos Built

courtesy of Chelsea MarketIf walls could talk, the brick at New York’s Chelsea Market would have more than a few tales to tell.Alphabet (the parent company of Google) purchased the building in March of 2018 for $2.4 billion, a record-breaking sum even in New York City’s real estate market—but this isn’t a gleaming beacon of technological innovation, a symbol of Silicon Valley’s ingenuity. Although it appears to have changed significantly since its construction more than 100 years ago, the looming brick structure has remained largely unchanged since it served as headquarters for the iconic snack company Nabisco.

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“Even though New York has a richer history than any other American city, it does very little to preserve or memorialize its past,” says the author of the book.

“However, New York does not simply bulldoze history, at least not when it can be repurposed, and the new Google building represents another stage in the city’s history, as industrial was replaced by service industry, which in turn will be replaced by the tech industry.” The New York Biscuit Company, which was founded in 1890, built a series of six-story Romanesque-style bakeries on the site of the former New York Biscuit Company.

  1. Built along Tenth Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets in the city’s Chelsea area, which was named for the mansion that was on that property during colonial times, and designed by RomeynStever, they were the first of their kind in the world.
  2. Their newly formed company was named the National Biscuit Company, which “supporters dubbed Nabisco and opponents dubbed the ‘Cracker Trust,'” according to historian Mike Wallace inGreater Gotham: A History of New York City from 1898 to 1919.
  3. Green—worked tirelessly to introduce a new product that would put their newly formed company on the path to success What is that product?
  4. Nabisco employee Albert G.
  5. Green was a workaholic to the extreme, but he was also a foresighted businessman who recognized the importance of freshness, consistency, branding, and advertising long before they were the norm, and the marketing of Uneeda Biscuits reflected this approach.
  6. “A platoon of mounted policemen cleared the way for the procession, which was led by the 23rd Regiment band and followed by no fewer than Another sported an enormous parrot, nine feet high, with a similarly huge Uneeda Biscuit in one of its talons.

They continued to expand by adding onto the bakery complex until it took up an entire city block, as well as by building new structures and purchasing nearby ones—a practice that is not dissimilar from Google’s practice today.penchant Green’s for innovation—and micro-management—bled into the design of the buildings.

Cahn writes that rather than sticking with the traditional “mill building” architectural style, NBC’s new bakeries “would be pioneers in some construction advancements.” In 1913, when the network of Chelsea neighborhood bakeries was temporarily completed — the same year that the Ford Motor Company began using moving assembly lines in its car production — Nabisco claimed to have built the world’s largest bakery.

He would hound his engineers for new ideas that would result in a neater and more orderly appearance.” With 114 bakeries in the United States and $55 million in initial capital, the National Biscuit Company revolutionized cookie and cracker manufacture, according to Wallace.

It was in these bakeries that Oreos, the now ubiquitous cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies, were first created.

In 2002, a section of Ninth Avenue was officially designated as “OREO Way” to commemorate what could easily be described as a watershed moment in culinary history (the cookie has been popular since its inception and is still the second-best-selling cookie in the United States).In a short piece published in the March 14, 1931 issue of The New Yorker, author E.

  1. White described the cookie’s origins as “a momentous occasion in culinary history.” According to B.
  2. As White described it, “A baker prepares a trial batch of the new model and sends them upstairs, where they are placed on an open rack near the water cooler.” “Employees have the option of assisting themselves.
  3. “Part of what made that area so desirable for industry at the time was that it was connected to rail and piers, so it was an excellent place for shipping and receiving goods and materials,” says the author.
  4. “You wouldn’t be able to walk here.” Prostitutes dominated the market around the clock.” Chelsea Market first opened its doors in 1997 with many of the same anchor shops that are still in operation today, including Amy’s Bread, Ronnybrook Dairy, and The Lobster Place.
  5. “When it first opened, people thought it was a crazy idea to take this hulking old building at the north of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District—not a chic neighborhood by any means at the time—and try to turn it into “The notion was met with skepticism from many quarters.
  6. It was enormously successful—one of many factors that contributed to the area’s transformation into the attraction that it is today.” Today, Chelsea Market, an indoor market and food hall popular with tourists and residents alike, receives over six million people annually.
  7. It was a watershed moment in the neighborhood’s transformation and gentrification.

While the 1.2 million-square-foot property is still home to a number of bakeries, its roster of tenants now includes restaurants, shops, and offices such as the Food Network, Major League Baseball, and—as of 2007— Google.

Since then, the company has been leasing more and more space in Chelsea Market as it becomes available.

(Video) Perspectives: Equine Therapy for Vets

The sign for the Chelsea Market building and the sign for Google’s New York City headquarters are both visible here.

The previous owner, Jamestown Properties, will retain Chelsea Market branding rights and will continue to manage the food hall.

One of the biggest uncertainties is whether Alphabet will expand on top of the current 11-story tower.

Berman and the Greenwich Village Historical Society were among those who spoke out against the upzoning.

The company “has typically attempted to be a decent neighbor,” he claims.

Google and the tech industry as a whole has not been a ‘good neighbor,’ according to her research and the work of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project on evictions, housing, and gentrification in the Bay Area.

“In fact, as theGoogle bus protests pointed out, their presence in the region has contributed to a housing and affordability crisis, which they have not taken responsibility for or worked with housing groups to mitigate.”

33 Best Friesian Horse Names (2021)

The Friesian horse breed, often known as the Frisian horse, is the most distinctive. Because of its origins in Friesland, this is a Friesian given name. The term “Belgian black” is also used to describe this horse in the United Kingdom. Friesians are elegant and one-of-a-kind in their physical beauty. This horse’s forebears were utilized in battles throughout history. That is not always the case when it comes to the dark color of Friesian hair. They are also available in chestnut color. The Frisian breed is a particularly attractive breed, with a long tail.

Because Friesians are so attractive, it is preferable to give them a charming or cool name.

The following is a list of the candidates.

Male Friesian Horse Names


Female Friesian Horse Names

RavanBlack beauty

How to Get Creative Ideas for Names?

They are tall breeds with a black coloration on the coat. Their temperament and physical characteristics make them excellent for dressage. They are regarded as the most gorgeous breed on the planet, with a magnificent demeanor. As with any black horse, naming Friesians is as simple as naming any other black horse. Here are some cutting-edge suggestions to help you make your decision.

Get Ideas from black

Look around you and take inspiration from the dark things you see. The black horses of history, the black flowers, or anything else that is black in nature are all examples of this. The need for coat color will be met by meeting this condition. Here are a few examples of black horses throughout history.

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Black Caviar

The filly was a great Australian racehorse that raced in 25 races and was never beaten. Although she appeared to be wearing a black coat, the real color was bay. This horse has a stellar track record and is trained by some of the most well-known jockeys in the world.


The filly was a legendary Australian racehorse that raced in 25 races and was unbeaten. Although she appeared to be dressed in black, her coat was really bay. In addition to having a stellar track record, this horse is being trained by some of the most well-known riders in the world.


Goliath was the world’s tallest black horse, and he had a successful racing career. He was a symbol of strength, dignity, and victory in combat.

(Video) Introduction to Equine Assisted Psychotherapyby Melody Foxx at Sovereign Health of California

Midnight sun

Midnight sun was a black tennese walking horse that was a champion twice throughout the course of his long career. He had a black coat with no insignia on his body and a black beard.

Black Gold

The Roosa family raised Black Gold, which went on to earn more than a million dollars for them. Throughout his racing career, he was victorious in several races. Here are some suggestions for black flowers.


Petunia is a rare and costly flower with all-black leaves that is black in color. These flowers thrive in lush, green environments.


Everybody plants Violas in pots because they are such a gorgeous flower. It’s possible that the flower’s name is also a depiction of its hue.


That is a type of black fruit that is widespread in South Asia.

Jamun has a dark tint and is surrounded by green flora. They are little in stature and might be the most appropriate name for your horse. Because Friesian horses are enormous in stature, titles like “powerful” or “badass” are also appropriate for them. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Beast is a phrase used to describe a massive animal. In addition to draft horses, Beast is a fantastic name. Bruise is a fictional character who is extremely large. In addition to being the name of perfection, bullet carries significant symbolic implications. Ada is a female mathematician who has received several accolades. Running Friesian – This is another another creative moniker for your black Friesian

Friesian horses are not simply black; they can also be white or chestnut in color. They have a disproportionately high incidence of genetic diseases. These illnesses have a variety of effects on the body’s appearance. They had traveled all the way from the Netherlands. Once upon a time, the theory was that of a war or fighting horse, but subsequently it was changed to that of a dressage breed. Friesians are pricey and difficult to come by since they require a great deal of attention and maintenance.

Famous Friesian Horse Names

Moulin RougeCopa
ChocolateArmy Nob

Names for White Friesian Horses

Picking white names is simpler than choosing names for other hues, but there is no recommendation on which names to choose without considering the meanings behind them. Behind white names, you might incorporate a spiritual element. Here are a few well-known names that you may give to Friesian:

  • For example, Sodashi, a legendary white racehorse from history who won four races in a row, is named after the Japanese word for “four.” Starresha – A mare with an illustrious racing pedigree
  • Bolt –derived from the white rod of light that serves as an inspiration In general, Friesian horses have white hairs on the neck, which makes calling him Snowball a great option
  • Nevertheless, there are some exceptions. Check out the inside of a coconut
  • It is the perfect blend of black and white in terms of a name. Hibiscus – A lovely blossom with a white background
  • In the Russian language, this is referred as as “belly-white.” Babak is a Serbian word that means “white.” Phantom – Phantom was a very successful racehorse that won seven out of ten races throughout his career. Shadowfax — a well-known horse who has starred in several films
  • Desert Child – As the name implies, this is a racehorse with an illustrious racing career throughout history

Final Words

The process of naming your horse is straightforward, but coming up with a memorable name for your horse is difficult. Keep in mind our two-step process for naming your horse while naming your horse.


Breed selection is important, for example, the Friesian breed, which has a black coat and a healthy physique. As a result, we may choose a blend of dark, harsh, and adorable names, such as The term “black beauty” comes to mind first.


When someone sees your horse for the first time, they will immediately recognize its personality. The personality of your horse is the first thing that others notice about him, therefore choose a name based on his personality as a starting point. When deciding on a name for your horse, keep these considerations in mind as well as the standards listed above. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

New York State Worker Warns of Lyft Fraud That Cost Him

Taking a seven-minute Lyft trip shouldn’t cost you more than $150. One employee of the state of New York argues that the corporation charged him extra for something that he claims he did not do. In this situation, you should do damage to the car he was riding in. Is this a one-off occurrence or a pattern? Others, according to complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, say that Lyft has invoiced them for damages that they did not commit or have never committed.

Is this another case of something known as “vomit fraud”?

According to PIX, the state employee took a brief Lyft journey from the State Capitol to the Albany-Rensselaer Train Station on February 15 to get to work faster. The consumer, on the other hand, argues that Lyft has charged him $150 for damages that the firm claims he has left behind. According to PIX, photographs of what looks to be vomit in the rear of the Lyft car were given to the rider by the ridesharing service. In addition, even after protesting, the corporation refused his claim despite the fact that he strongly denies throwing up in the vehicle.

According to press reports, Lyft has launched an investigation into the situation.

Weird Things Left Behind in Lyft and Uber Cars

In other news, with the rising popularity of ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber, the amount of items that passengers may leave behind will undoubtedly increase. Some of them are outright strange. Uber has released its Lost and Found Index for 2020. Many typical things such as phones, wallets, keys, backpacks, headphones, and other accessories are among the most often misplaced. According to the survey, weekends and late nights are the most common periods for people to forget important details about their lives.

When you split it down into the geographical places where the service is offered, things get extremely fascinating. What are some of the most bizarre objects left behind in New York State?

  • Prizes: Hot sauce raffle basket, foldable table, arm sling, fanny bag, E-ZPass, garage door opener, and meat.

Is it possible that the fanny pack was purposefully left behind? What about the city of New York? This is quite well done. Who is it that is abandoning their gold teeth?

  • A wand, three plush elves, flan, a puppy sweater, a violin bow, and a Twilight novel are among the items on her wish list.

At the very least, no localities in New York City were included in the index’s list of the most forgettable locales. In accordance with the Index, the city of Lubbock, Texas, was the most forgetful in the United States. It was followed by the cities of Oxford, Mississippi; College Station, Texas; Fresno, California; and Modesto, California.

(Video) Southern Nevada horse owners step up to stop the spread of dangerous virus

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How do you feed a horse in horse Valley? ›

You can raise this stat by equipping one of the many food items in-game and clicking anywhere near your horse. Each food item gives your horse a certain amount of hunger back. Hay bales in the stable. Feed your horse hay from the bales in the stable, apples from the trees, or sugar cubes from Charlie's.

How do you feed and water your horse in horse Valley? ›

In order to quench your horse's thirst, you must first equip your bucket from the backpack icon on the bottom of your screen. Next, travel to a well which can either be located near the stables or on someone's ranch. After you fill your bucket, progress to your horse.

How many potatoes do you need to get the magic horse in horse Valley? ›

Before you try to get the horse, you must first obtain a Dreamcatcher to tame it.
How Many Items...
ItemWorthExpandAmount Needed
Potato100 Coins1,000
Milk130 Coins770
Pancake160 coins625
Ice Cream200 coins500
15 more rows

Can I feed my horse Oreos? ›

Oreos contain an alkaloid called Theobromine, which is very tooxic for horses.

Can you feed a horse cookies? ›

No matter what a horse is fed, moderation is the best advice. Horses evolved to eat dried grasses and forbs (plants other than grasses), not grains or peppermints; not apples, carrots, cookies, horse candies, sugar, trail mix,or Powerbars.

What do you feed horses in Zelda? ›

Dismount in a safe zone (so that your horse won't be spooked by a monster popping up) and hold a bunch of apples or any other fruit or vegetables. You even don't need to drop them, the horse will start eating out of your hands. 6 to 10 apples max out the affection, works even with Royal and Giant horses.

How do you feed a pony? ›

A pony's feeding program should be based around forage. Always feed a minimum of 1 to 1.5% of the pony's body weight in good-quality forage (hay, chaff, and/or pasture). Many ponies will maintain their body weight on pasture or hay alone, but forages may lack important minerals, vitamins, and sometimes protein.


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